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Know the Power of Swivel Hook and Their 5 Common Uses

Have you ever thought about how these metallic objects survive even after the consistent weight is imposed on them? Is it just because of powerful alloys, which are a combination of tough substances? Well, there is more to know because we are going to discuss swivel hooks and their uses. So, if you are looking for a swivel hook wholesaler, you need to know something about it so you can have a little bit of an idea about them. Also, if you are looking for some information regarding the benefits of these hooks, this is the right place. Let’s see what you can have here.  What is a Swivel Hook? It is one of the most common hooks used to connect with holders. Due to its auto-locking-spring system, it has a strap pulley, which locks itself once an object connects with its hook. In this way, it can be used to connect with any holder of a chain for hanging, anchoring, and pulling purposes. A combo of wire rope and swivel hook can carry tons of weight, which we will read ahead. But it is better if you know more about these hooks and how crucial they are. These hooks are in different sizes depending upon the application type. From some grams to tons of weight-bearing capability, these swivel hooks have a great tendency to complete the job. Moreover, they are available in different materials as per their requirements. For instance, if you are using them in a backpack, they will be light and easy to handle, while, if you are going to use them on a large scale like in factories, transportation, or construction sites, you will need machines to operate it. How Beneficial is a Swivel Hook? This swivel hook is way more beneficial than you may think. Even a kid can use it when it comes to keychains and school bags. If we further move ahead, it can hold even an entire vehicle with an average weight of 1500 kgs in the air. Now you would be thinking about its endurance level. It is because of powerful alloys, which are used to manufacture it for heavy-duty use. Because of their round shape, they can be connected to any holder. This is why even after years of development; they are still very beneficial and have their substantial worth in the industry. Stainless steel swivel hooks have a huge demand in the industry because of their durability and reliability to meet high productivity. If we look in the construction field, these hooks can be easily connected with the hangers of steel bars. These steel bars are not easy to carry until you use powerful hooks with durable wire ropes. Where are these Swivel Hooks Used? These swivel hooks have a history of usage in various areas of daily life and industries. They have been in our life for many decades and if you don’t know much about them, it will be unfair. Those who really want to know how and where they are used commonly, need to know a little bit about them. Have a look at their usage.  Key Chains We all know what keychains are and how much we use them. If you have ever noticed, these swivel hooks have always been in them. They were used to carry those keychains in the pants’ belt loop. As a result, people would not forget their important keys at random places.  Lockets The smallest swivel hook is found in lockets and now you know how crucial they are. Just a tiny swivel hook can save your gold chain from falling. Due to its great locking system, its strap holds the loop in it until you pull it and open the hook. Even this piece is quite strong enough not to break.   School Bags, Purses, and MOLLE Bags Here comes the other category where it is widely used in the world. From an athletic bag to a laptop bag, these hooks are used to provide a carrying facility via shoulder straps. Since they can bear heavy weights, you will see them attached to bags used for luggage. If you own a bag business you better know where to find a swivel hook company in the world. Normally, when heavy luggage is required, MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) bags are used. It is very common in the military, where soldiers have to carry their stuff with them. These bags have metallic as well as plastic swivel hooks for various reasons.  Even in purses, these swivel hooks are used for shoulder straps. It helps a lot for women especially when they are in a market and are completely occupied with shopping bags in their hands. This is what light hooks can do and they are pretty great at it. Towing Trucks Here comes heavy-duty usage of them. No matter how heavy a vehicle is, these towing trucks won’t have any mercy pulling them. The reason is the presence of powerful cords and these hooks. Both of them can hold a vehicle throughout the drive without any risk of breaking down. So, you better make sure when to call these towing trucks because they know how to pull your vehicle because all they will do is connect it with the hook and start driving. Cranes Last but not least. These cranes tend to do the heavy-duty jobs and these hooks are their best buddies. No one would use an ordinary rope and hook to do this task except a swivel hook and wire rope. Now it depends on you how you want to use that crane, to demolish a building via wrecking ball, or to lift steel and iron to construct a tower.  Conclusion This was all about swivel hooks and their benefits and hopefully, you know much about them now. From now on, you will be able to use them where they are needed. Since they are pretty handy, you would definitely not take them for granted.

An Ultimate Solution That is Used to create joints

We often get to see the use of swivel eye hooks in various different applications that are being used by us in a day-to-day basis however a lot of us are not familiar with what actually swivel eye lifting hooks are and what purpose they are used for. In order to know the purpose for which swivel hooks can be used we first need to know about what exactly swivel hooks are and how could be they be used in various different applications. Swivel eye lifting hooks are the type of hooks that are used in order to create a joint between two objects. It is usually seen to be attached with a chain or a strap on one end of the object to allow the process of rotation, it also facilitates turns, circles and free rotations. These are the type of tools that are easily available around and are used not just in order to attach the tools but also in order to attach accessories as well. Some common examples that we get to see around in our everyday life are in the form of attachments to the handles or the bags in order to carry them properly. The free motion of the swivel joints helps prevents the strap from tangling and prevents the object from getting curled. Features of Swivel Eye Lifting Hooks The opening of the swivel hook is the type of opening that is around 1 to 1.5 inches in the terms of measurement, this way, it allows room for strapping. Usually, the joint is made using the material of steel however when there is a need of using another type of material then one can get it customized by getting it covered by a piece of cloth, this would not only cover the hook but would also make it look a lot more attractive and handier compared to other options. These hooks are usually available in small packs and usually, each pack contains around 10 such hooks. The size of the hook is dependent upon the application the hook is being used for and the strength of the joint that it is supposed to form These hooks are usually made up of stainless steel. Uses of swivel eye lifting hooks   These swivel eye lifting hooks are the types of hooks that are designed in a way that they can allow free movement and rotation in any direction. This feature makes them a perfect tool that could be used in order to hang wind planters, spinners, lanterns, bells, decorative items, and various such items that require a temporary bond in order to hang, rotate, spin, twist, and display, all these objects can ideally make the use of swivel hooks in various different applications whether it is about adding decorative to your house or to add accessories to your dress, these hooks can also be seen being attached in bags and other daily accessories that we carry around. 

Wire Rope Clips- For Stronger Rope Connections!

Wire rope clips are the type of clips that are also known around the world as the wire rope clamps or the wire clips as well These are the clips that are widely used around the world for making eye loop connections or to join the ends of the rope wires together. The wire rope clips that are in the traditional form are usually the ones that have around three different components: 1. U-shaped bolts 2. Forged/Cast Iron Saddle  3. Two Nuts Types of Wire Rope Clips Wire Rope Clips wholesalers supply the clips that are available in a range of sizes and finishes however one can easily differentiate among them in the form of their appearance these are the clips that are usually in the form of the traditional wire clips that are available with a U-bolt, a saddle and nuts clip, fist grip clip and even the stamped cable clip.  However, when it comes to the cast and malleable wire rope clips there are conditions for them as well as they can only be used in the case of under light-duty loads applications that are there with relatively lighter loads these could be in the form of the handrails, fences, guard rails, etc. Forged Wire rope Clips  When we talk about the forged wire rope clips, they are the type of clips that are highly recommended for various important and critical, and sustaining overhead loads, these could be in the form of the guy lines, support lines, the scaffoldings, and various other types of products. These are the type of clips that can be used in the case of critical suspending, guying, and tie-down applications for the process of die forging as this process makes it even stronger and durable. Moreover, the steps of heating and hammering the structure are further useful In order to be consistent and conform to the shape of the forged item.  Thirdly there is the third type of simple and duplex cable clamps which are also known as single stamped wire clips and double stamped paper clips as well. These are the type of clamps that are composed of a stamping plate, a saddle, and a bolt they are designed in a way that they exhibit an aesthetic design They are mainly used for the purpose of outdoor light-duty applications. These clips are usually available in a variety of materials and finishes but mainly there are three types of materials that are known as carbon steel, cast iron, and stainless steel as well. 


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