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Rigging Hardware

Stainless Steel Rigging Supplier Of The Premium Class

Shandong Kailai Sanli Rigging Co. Ltd is the only China based company who is engaged in supplying high quality rigging hardware at a worldwide scale. We are very precise in the manufacturing our hardware products because we only want the best quality for our customers. We being marvellous in our field of work only choose the right type of metal and other raw materials and then melt them to get only the purest form of it in order to construct the best quality hardware equipment. 

Rigging Hardware Supplier That Has Solved The Problem Of Product Delivery 

We are the remarkable and trustworthy rigging hardware supplier in the international market and it’s our job to supply and deliver our products to our customers who contact us from all parts of the world. We have solved the issue of our products delivery and taken it upon us to supply our customers their ordered products just the way they want it by putting them in a secure package so it won’t get damaged along the way.

Materials Used In Our Rigging Hardware

Our materials include cast iron, galvanized steel, stainless steel and much more. Our stainless steel made hardware is best for marine rigging-based application because it provides corrosion resistance under bad weather condition. 

Your Reliable Stainless Steel Rigging Supplier

Reduce the required force with our pulley and blocks. Adjust the tension on rods and cables with our high-quality products. We have a wide variety of rigging products readily available for our customers.

Make Your Life Easy And Buy From Us 

We are the leading stainless steel rigging supplier of the global market and we care about our customers by helping them to choose the right kind of product for their required work and projects. All our products are made from the finest quality raw materials that the earth could provide. Our team of customer care service tracks the products for their customers so they can have a better idea of how much time it will take to reach their location. Thanks to our customer’s feedback we are now known as the best rigging hardware supplier in the international market.