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Snap Hooks

Top Quality Snap Hook Manufacturer of The World - Kailai-Sanli 

Shandong Kailai-Sanli Rigging Co., Ltd is the premium snap hook manufacturer as the hooks are very convenient to use and highly reliable for all sorts of rigging purposes. The basic design of our snap hook is very easy to open and close and closes so tight that it can resist any impact. You can use it for rigging a wire, cable, or rope; it will hold anything firmly without breaking apart. The hook of our snap hook is in the shape of a question mark, just like traditional snap hooks. The spring-loaded closing bar is fit into the hollow side of the hook. They also have a small appendage that is there to catch the hook and open it. This design of our snap hooks is what has made us the best snap hook supplier among others.    

Customize Your Snap Hooks with The Best Snap Hook Supplier

The design of our snap hook speaks for itself; our swivel eye lifting hooks have an adjustable base that facilitates the spring to turn into a vertical axis. Specifically, our stainless steel swivel snap hook is the strongest and most durable swivel eye lifting hooks. What makes our stainless steel snap hook the best is their material, we are also a zinc alloy snap supplier, but the stainless steel ones are the best. However, among every zinc alloy snap supplier, we are number one for the material that we use and the convenient design that we provide. We will cater to all your customization requirements at the most reasonable prices compared to any custom snap hook manufacturer. 

Why Do We Make a Difference?

The price that we charge for the design and quality of the snap quality that we provide is very second to no other twisted snap hook manufacturer. Being the best twisted snap hook manufacturer, we try to keep our prices as reasonable as possible without compromising the quality and design. We also provide safe and sound delivery of your orders to any part of the world within the promised delivery time. We guarantee that the products you will receive will be faultless. Therefore, make rigging easier for yourself by getting our snap hooks; it will be the best decision of your life.